White Cross on Okinawa

I have not updated this site in some time, and for that I am sorry, but I am contemplating a kind of a long-term project (that may live here or elsewhere, don’t know). The issue is that I don’t know where to start it. How far back in country music history can you go? Does anyone in 2015 care about what the depressing country songs of 1939 were?

In researching the issue, though, I ran across this–a recording of “White Cross on Okinawa,” by Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys, and it’s as depressing as you would possibly want.

I submit to your kind attention this wonderful appreciation of Glen Campbell by David Cantwell in The New Yorker. Splendid stuff, this.  

And it is “Stand with Hillary.”

Key Chain

And this is Slaid Cleaves, and when you hear this, you’ll never be able to take the keys out of your pocket without wondering how long you’ll be able to hold on to them. slaid 

And this is Johnny Cash covering Gordon Lightfoot. I am not going to post the Gordon Lightfoot piece, because you can find that yourself, and because I am not that Canadian. This is mostly depressing because this is Old Johnny Cash, who sounds terrible, and who was probably struggling with what people are nice enough...

This is Johnny Cash covering Neil Young, and I like to think that Johnny Cash had better things to do than cover Neil Young, but what the hell. What the hell, here’s Neil Young doing it:

I am listening to depressing country songs at home while my (sick) kid is taking a well-deserved nap. This is Lyle Lovett, and it’s more like a lullaby than anything else, but it’s got a deep streak of melancholy in it.

I am, at the moment, stuck at home with a sick child, and listening to depressing country songs on iTunes, so I thought I would share some of them with you. This is “Deeper than Crying,” from Alison Krauss, and it’s pretty good:  

About three months ago, I was at home in my palatial mini-mansion, taking care of a four-year-old with an ear infection. I was noodling around on Twitter during naptime, and somebody asked this question: there are many songs about going to California, but are there any songs about leaving California? I thought of about eight...

I am in the middle of a little bit of renovation on this here blog, which means that I am putting this particular song out there because I mostly need to test the system that I’m using to write these, so bear with me and it won’t take a second. This is a very average...

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