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This post isn’t really about James McMurtry; it’s about Taylor Swift. The first song off of the new Taylor Swift album came out when I was in Texas on vacation; I listened to it before I let the kids (who are huge, uncontrollable fans) hear it. I don’t like it; it’s whiny and mean and graceless....

And it is “Stand with Hillary.”

This is Johnny Cash covering Neil Young, and I like to think that Johnny Cash had better things to do than cover Neil Young, but what the hell. What the hell, here’s Neil Young doing it:

I am listening to depressing country songs at home while my (sick) kid is taking a well-deserved nap. This is Lyle Lovett, and it’s more like a lullaby than anything else, but it’s got a deep streak of melancholy in it.

I am, at the moment, stuck at home with a sick child, and listening to depressing country songs on iTunes, so I thought I would share some of them with you. This is “Deeper than Crying,” from Alison Krauss, and it’s pretty good: