That Ain’t My Truck

I am in the middle of a little bit of renovation on this here blog, which means that I am putting this particular song out there because I mostly need to test the system that I’m using to write these, so bear with me and it won’t take a second. This is a very average depressing country song, and I am only including it here because I thought of it when I was trying to update the video for a similar Toby Keith song. This is Rhett Adkins, bless his heart, and I am probably not too far off base when I say that this was probably his biggest hit:

That ain’t my truck in her drive
Man this ain’t my day tonight
Looks like she’s in love and I’m out of luck
That ain’t my shadow on her wall
Lord this don’t look good at all
That’s my girl — my whole world
But that ain’t my truck

(Actually, I looked it up, and this only went to #3, and he did have a #1 hit with “Don’t Get Me Started”, so I was close.)

Did I have this happen to me? Well, not exactly, but there was a girl I was kind of sort of dating once, and I knew she was seeing other guys, and I was fine with that, really, and then one of them proposed and she accepted and I was out of luck. Nothing quite so dramatic or final as what happens in this song, but close enough and you’ve probably been there, too.

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